Not all of the fuchsias listed in this section will be hardy in every garden as conditions can vary so much. All of them have survived in our garden for at least five years and are worth a try. Plants bought from us have been grown in a greenhouse and should not be planted out until all danger of frost is past. We recommend that fuchsias to be planted in the garden should be bought as early as possible and grown on into 10F or 12F pots before planting out. Plant the rootball 3-4" below the surface. If the lower growth is soft, plant in a saucer shaped depression 3-4" deep and fill in the soil as the wood hardens. When spacing young plants remember that after a year or two they will as a rule get as wide as they grow tall. Never remove any of the dead branches during the winter as these protect the plant from frost. For the first winter heap some soil around the crown of the plant to a depth of  3”-4”.


Please note. Some fuchsias are widely thought of as hardy but in our garden have only survived with a little protection or do not reliably survive for one reason or another. These cultivars are marked with an asterisk.


ABBE FARGES (Lemoine 1901)Semi-double. Tube/sepals cerise. Corolla lilac.1ft.

ACHIEVEMENT (Melville 1886) Single. Red and purple.

ADMIRATION (Wood 1940) Red and Indian Lake single.

ALAN TITCHMARSH  (Weston 1998) Single to semi-double. Tube and sepals rose. Petals white veined pink. Floriferous and bushy. Ex.. 18".

ALICE DORAN (Doran 1996) Tube pink. Sepals white/red. Corolla purple. 2ft.

ALICE HOFFMAN (Klese 1911) Semi-double. Rose/white veined rose. Bronzy foliage. 1ft.

ALISON EWART (Roe 1977) Small pink/mauve single. 1ft.

ALISON PATRICIA (Johns 1991) Erect single. Crimson/violet rose. Compact. Ex.

ALISON SWEETMAN (Roe 1984)  Single. Crimson/beetroot.2ft.

A.M.LARWICK (L.A.Smith 1940) Single. Carmine/purple-mauve. 2ft.

ANNABEL (Ryle 1977) Double. White flowers with  a pink flush. MSt. 18”.

ANNE MARIE BATTY  (Storey 2005) Compact aubergine coloured single. 12".

APPLE BLOSSOM (Schnabel/Paskeson 1953) Pink single. 1ft.

ARABELLA IMPROVED (Lye 1871) White/rose single. 1ft.

ARMY NURSE (Hodges 1947) Semi-double. Carmine/violet flushed pink. 3ft

ASHLEY (Dijkstra 1989) Long tubed red and orange flowers. 3ft.

AUGUSTIN THIERRY (Lemoine 1888) Cerise/magenta single. 3ft.

AVALANCHE (Henderson 1869) Double. Red and purple. 18”.

BABY BLUE EYES (Plummer 1952) Red and dark lavender single. 3ft.

BARBARA (Tolley 1971) Tube and sepals pink. Corolla deeper. 2ft.

BEACON (Bull 1871) Single. Tube and sepals deep pink. Corolla  mauve-pink 2ft.

BEACON ROSA (Burgi-Ott 1972) Medium single pink self.18”

BEAUTY OF CLIFF HALL (Monk 1954) Single.Pink/deeper pink. 1ft.

BERANGER (Lemoine 1897) Red and purple double.

BERNISSER HARDY (Weeda 1987) Small single red and purple flowers. 2ft.

BEVERLEY (Holmes 1976) White/fuchsia purple single. 3ft.

BLANDS NEW STRIPED (Bland 1872) Single. Red/purple striped pink. 1ft.

BLOOD DONOR (Bielby/Oxtoby 1996) Profuse double flowers. Rose/deep red. Aptly named to commemorate 50 years of the Blood Transfusion Service.1ft.

BLUE BEAUTY (Banks 1864) Red and bluish violet double.

BLUE BUSH (Gadsby 1973) Single. Red/blue purple.4ft.

BLUE GOWN (Milne ) Large red and purple double flowers.2ft.

BOMBER COMMAND (Chatters 2000) Small double red and purple. 1ft.

BON ACCORDE (Crousse 1861) White/pale purple erect single flower. 1ft.

BORDER QUEEN (Ryle 1974) Single. Pink/amethyst. 1ft. Ex. Mst.

BOUQUET (Lemoine 1893) Small double. Red and purple flowers.1ft.

BRILLIANT (Bull 1865) Red and purple single.

BRIONY CAUNT (Caunt 1987) Single.Red/purple striped pink. 2ft.

BRODSWORTH (Nuttall 1977) Single. Red and deep purple.

BRUTUS (Bull 1901) Rich cerise and purple single.Profuse and early.2ft.

CALEDONIA (Lemoine 1899) Long tubed red and scarlet single.

CARA JANE (G.Jones 2010)  Red and purple double with heavy pink flush. 1ft.

CARDINAL (Reeves 1938) Large dark red single. 3ft.

CARDINAL FARGES (Rawlings 1958) Semi-double.Cerise/white.18”.

CARMEN (Lemoine 1893) Red and purple semi-double.

CASPAR HAUSER  (Springer 1987) Tube and sepals red. Corolla aubergine. 1ft.

CELIA SMEDLEY (Bellamy 1970) Single. White/currant red. Vigorous. FSt. 2Ft.

CHARLES EDWARD (Rolt 1992)Double.Tube white.Sepals rose.Corolla purple with white base,veined red.3ft.

CHARMING (Lye 1877) Red and purple single.

CHILLERTON BEAUTY (Russell c1920's) Single. Rose/mauve.3ft.

CHINA LANTERN (?1953) Pink/rose single. 1ft.

CHRIS NICHOLLS (Nicholls 2000) Single to semi-double.Cerise/lilac. 18”

C.J.HOWLETT (Howlett 1911) Semi-double. Scarlet/mauve. 2ft.

CLIFF'S HARDY (Gadsby 1966) Erect single.Pink/violet paler at base.18".

CLIFTON CHARM (Handley 1981) Single. Red and deep lilac.

 CLOVERDALE PEARL  (Gadsby 1974) Single. Pink/white. MSt.2Ft.   

 CONNIE (Dawson 1961) Double. Cerise/white.18”.

*CONSPICUA (Smith 1863) Red and white single.

CONSTANCE (Budgen 1935) Double. Pink/purple.18”.

CORALLINA (Pince 1844) Single. Deep red/purple.Bronzy foliage.1ft spreading.

COTTA VINO (Bielby/Oxtoby 1994) Pink/burgundy single.1ft.

CUPID Red and bluish magenta small single.

DARK TREASURE (Hobson 1985) Deep pink/purple double. 1ft.

DAVID (Wood 1937)Small free single dark red and purple flowers.2ft..

DELTAS SARA (Vreeke) Large single. Tube and sepals white. Corolla blue.18".

DIANA WRIGHT (Wright 1984) Small pale pink single flowers.2ft.

*DISPLAY (Smith 1881) Saucer shaped single.Almost a pink self.1ft.

DOLLAR PRINCESS (Lemoine 1912) Free flowering red/purple double.18".

DOROTHEA FLOWER (Thornley 1969) White/purple single. 6” spreading.

DOROTHY (Wood 1946) Single. Red and violet.3ft.

DOT WOODAGE (Holmes 2001) Pink and red single.

DRAME (Lemoine 1880) Semi-double.Scarlet/violet-purple.2ft.

Dr.FOSTER (Lemoine 1899) Large red/purple single. 2ft.

Dr.ROBERT (Roe 1987) Small white/rose single. 1ft.

EDITH (Brown 1980) Sport from Margaret with red and lilac flowers.4ft.

EL CID (Colville 1966) Single.Tube and sepals deep red.Corolla burgundy.3ft.

ELEANOR RAWLINS (Wood 1954) Single.Carmine self.18" spreading.

ELFRIDA (Meillez 1871) Red and purple double.2ft.

ELYSEE (Lemoine 1887) Similar to CORALLINA.

EMPRESS OF PRUSSIA (Hoppe 1868) Single.Scarlet/magenta.3ft.

ESTELLE MARIE (Newton 1973) Erect single. White/violet. 1ft.

EVA BOERG See Basket section.Spreading growth about 2ft.

EXMOOR GOLD (Gilbert 1996)  Riccartonii sport.Green and gold leaves.2ft.

FELTHAM’S PRIDE (Feltham 1988) Red and purple single.

FIGHTER COMMAND (Chatters 2000) Narrow red single flowers. 1ft.

FLASH (Hazard and Hazard 1930) Single.Tube and sepals red.Corolla darker.3ft.

FLAT JACK O' LANCASHIRE (Jones 1991 Double. Red/purple.2ft.Spreads.

FLORENCE TURNER (Turner 1955) Single.White/pink-purple.About 18".

FLYING CLOUD (Reiter 1949) Double white ,flushed pink.18”.

*FOUR FARTHINGS (Rolt 2002) Double. Red/lilac streaked pink.About 1ft.

FOXGROVE WOOD (Stiff 1991) Pink/pale blue single. 2ft.

FOXY LADY (Forward 1993) Pink/light purple. Large double. 3ft.

FRAU HILDE RADEMACHER (Rademacher 1925) Double.Red/lilac.Lax.1ft.

FRED’S FIRST (Woolley 1978) Carmine and violet double.18”.

FRUHLING (Elsner 1878) Double.Red/lilac. 1ft.

FUCHSIADE ’88 (de Graaff 1989) Small aubergine single. 3ft.

GARDEN NEWS (Handley 1978) Double.Pink/rose.Free flowering.2ft.

GENERAL MONK (French) Small double.Red/purple with pink splashes.1ft.

GEORGE BARR (Hazard/Hazard 1930) Single.White/purple.3ft.

GERDA MANTHEY  (Springer 1990) Small red and aubergine single flowers. 9".

GLOBOSA (Bunney 1832) Red and purple rounded flowers.2ft.

GLOW (Wood 1946) Small single.Tube and sepals cerise.Corolla wine-purple.1ft.

GORDON THORLEY (Roe 1985) Deep pink and white single.18".

GRAF WITTE (Lemoine 1899) Red and purple single.Vigorous. 3ft.

GRAYRIGG (Thornley 1978) Single.White/pink. 2ft.

GREENPEACE (DE Graaff 1985) White single. Green under sepals.1ft

GROENEKANS GLORIE  Steevens 1972) Salmon/deep orange. Large single.18".

GUSTAVE DORE (Lemoine 1880) Pink/white double. 1ft.

HAUTE CUISINE (de Graaff 1988) Large aubergine double. Lax. 1ft.

HAWKSHEAD (Travis 1962) Small white single.Sepals tipped green.3ft.

HEIDI ANN (Smith 1969) Medium double.Crimson/lilac veined cerise.18".

HELENA ROSE (Unknown) Double. White flushed pink/white. 18”.

HELEN ELIZABETH (Rowell 1993) Double. Pink/light purple flushed pink.1ft.

HELEN SPENCE (Johnson 1991) Double.White/purple and orange. 1ft.

HENRI POINCARE (Lemoine 1905) Red/violet single. Bell shaped.1ft.

HERALD (Snakey 1887) Red and purple single.2ft.

HERBE de JACQUES (Schneider 1978) Sport from Corallina with mottled white,red and green leaves. Sreading. 1ft.

HERITAGE (Lemoine 1902) Red and purple large semi-double.2ft.

HERON (Lemoine 1891) Single.Tube and sepals red.Corolla violet.2ft.

H.G.BROWN (Wood 1946) Single.Red and dark lake.1ft.

HIDCOTE BEAUTY (Webb 1949) Cream/salmon pink single. 1ft. Spreading.

HOT COALS (Carless 1995) Medium flowered aubergine single.18”.

HOWLETT'S HARDY (Howlett 1952) Single.Scarlet/violet-purple.3ft.

IAN LEEDHAM (Bielby 1985) Large deep red semi double.Spreading. 1ft.

IAN STOREY (Storey 2000) Aubergine single. 4ft.

IMPROVED HANNA (1985) Red/white single. 15".

INDIAN MAID (Waltz 1962) Red/purple double. Spreading. 15".

INFERNO (Storvick 1983) Orange single. 9".

JAMES TRAVIS (Thorne 1960) Red and blue double.

JANICE ANN (Holmes 1994) Deep pink/purple single. Good for basket. Ex. 2ft.

JEANE (Reiter 1951) Single.Tube and sepals cerise.Corolla violet.Gold leaves.Very long thin flower.Also known as Genii.3ft.

JENNIFER LISTER (Johns 1998) Semi-double.White/raspberry.2ft.

JENNY SORENSEN (Wilkinson 1987) Red/pale lilac single. 18”.

JIM MUNCASTER ( Bielby/Oxtoby 1992) Single.Purplish red/dark purple. 2ft.

JIM WATTS (Hutchins 2003) Small single.White/pale pink-lilac.2ft.

JINLYE (Clitheroe 2000) Small red and purple single flowers. Very bushy.2ft.

JOAN COOPER (Wood 1954) Single.Tube and sepals rose-opal.Corolla cherry.1ft.

JOANNE McDONALD  (Storey 2008) Erect single flowers. Tube pale red. Sepals white tipped green. Petals white shading to purple. 9".

JOAN PACEY (Gadsby 1972) Single.Pink self.18”.

JOHN BOY (Goulding 1996) Pale pink/violet double. 18".

JOHN E.CAUNT (Caunt 1994) Single Red/rosy magenta.18".

JOHN GREEN (Wilkinson 2004) Compact semi erect single with red/light purple flowers. 1ft.

JOY PATMORE  (Turner 1961) Single. Waxy white/rich carmine. very attractive. 18".

JUDITH LISSENDEN (  ) Red and lilac single. Bushy. 18".

JUELLA (Bentley 2003) Red/blue-purple single. Golden leaves.

JUSTIN'S PRIDE (Jones 1974) Single.Neyron-rose/cerise.18".

KARA FAYE  (Parkes 2006) Single. Long tubed red self. Spreading growth.6"

KATHLEEN van HANAGEM (Carless 1998) Small aubergine/dark aubergine flowers. Very bushy.Ex. 6".

KATRINA THOMPSEN     ( Wilkinson 1993) Pale pink and white single.9”. Ex.

KENNY DALGLISH (Jones 1988) Double. Red/purple, red veined. 2ft.

KINGS RANSOM  (Schnabel 1954) White/purple double. 1ft.

KOLDING PERLE (Danish) Single.Tube and sepals white.Corolla scarlet. 3ft.

KOMEET (de Groot 1970) Red/red-purple single.1ft.

LADY BOOTHBY (Raffill 1939) Single. Red/dark purple.3ft.

LADY ISOBEL BARNETT (Gadsby 1968) Rose/rose-purple. 1ft.Ex.

LADY KATHLEEN SPENCE (Ryle 1974) White/lavender single. 1ft.

LADY THUMB (Roe 1966) Semi-double. Red and white. 15”.

*LALEHAM LASS (Dyos 1978) Single. Pink/darker pink. Lax. 2ft.

LAMBADA (Gotz 1993) Pink/violet single. Bushy.1ft.

LECHLADE MAGICIAN (Wright 1986) Purplish-carmine/dark purple.4ft.

LENA (Bunney 1862) Semi-double.Pale pink and purple.18”.

LENA DALTON (Reimers 1953) Pale pink/blue double.1ft.

LEONORA (Tiret 1960) Single,soft pink self. 1ft.

 *LIEBRIEZ (Kohene 1874) Small semi-double.Cerise/pinkish white.1ft.

LILIAN ANNETTS  (Clark 1993) Double. White/purple with pink splashes. Ex.

LINDA ROSLING.(Storey 2003) Deep pink/white, red veins.Double.Spreading 2ft.

LITTLE BEAUTY (British) Single.Red/purple.Ex.MSt.2ft.

LORD BYRON.( Lemoine 1876) Single. Crimson/deep purple. 18”.

LYE’S ELEGANCE (Lye 1884) Single. Cream/cerise.

LYE’S UNIQUE (Lye 1886) Tube and sepals waxy white. Corolla salmon.2ft.

MADAME CORNELISSEN (Cornelissen 1860)

MAES-Y-GROES (Jones 1992) Red/purple single.2ft.

MAJOR HEAPHY (Unknown) Single.Pink,underside orange/scarlet.2ft.

MARCUS HANTON (Clark 1986) Double. Red/lilac-blue. 1ft.

MARGARET (Wood 1937) Semi-double.Tube and sepals scarlet.Corolla violet.4ft.

MARGARET BROWN (Wood 1949) Single.Pink/rose-bengal.3ft.

MARGARET HAZELWOOD (Storey 1997) Erect single. Pink/pale lilac. 1ft.

MARGARET ROE (Gadsby 1968) Erect single.Red/pale violet.Bushy.Ex.18".

MARGERY BLAKE (Wood 1950) Small single. Red/light purple. 3ft.

MARY THORNE (Thorne 1954) Single. Red and violet. 18”.

MAXIMA (Roes 2001) Aubergine double with almost black petals.

MERLIN (Adams 1982) Red and deep purple single. 3ft.

MIEKE MEURSING (Hopwood 1968) Red/pale pink,veined red. Single. 1ft.

MISS CALIFORNIA (Hodges 1950) Pink/white semi double. 15", spreading.

MONSIEUR THIBAULT (Lemoine 1898) Red and magenta single. 3ft.

MR.A.HUGGETT (1890?) Single.Tube and sepals cerise.Corolla mauvish pink.1ft.

MRS.LOVELL SWISHER ( Evans/Reeves 1942) Profuse pink and rose single. 2ft.

MRS.POPPLE (Elliot 1899) Single.Tube and sepals scarlet.Corolla dark purple.3ft.

MRS.W.P.WOOD (Wood 1949) Similar flowers to  F.magellanica alba.3ft.

MULTA (v.Suchtelen 1968) Free red and purple single. 18", spreading.

NEUE WELT (Mahnke 1912) Single.Red and deep violet.

NICIS FINDLING (Ermel 1985) Pink/orange single. very floriferous. 18".

NICOLA JANE (Dawson 1959) Double.Cerise/blush-pink veined cerise.2ft.

NICOLA STOREY (Storey 2003) Tube and sepals white. Corolla azure. 1ft.

ONWARD (Caunt 2000) Single.White/rose.Flowers well.2ft.

OTHER FELLOW (Hazard/Hazard 1946) Single.White/pink. 18”.

 PAM PLACK (Plack 1998) Sport of Margaret Brown. White/pink.3ft.

*PAPOOSE (Reedstrom 1960) Small red and purple semi-double.1ft.

PATRICIA (Wood 1940) Small single. Pale salmon/cerise.

PAUL ROE (Roe 1981) Red/violet double. 1ft.

PAUL STOREY ( Storey 2000) Semi-erect single. Red/purple, white flush. 1ft.

PEE WEE ROSE (Niederholzer 1939) Single.Rosy red self.3ft.

PEGGY KING (Wood 1954) Red and purple single.3ft.

PETER JAMES (Rolt 1990) Double. Red/pale pink veined red.15". Spreading.

PHENOMENAL (Lemoine 1882) Large double. Red/purple. 2ft.

PHYLLIS (Brown 1938) A rosy-cerise semi-double.Chubby flowers.3ft.

PHYRNE (Lemoine 1905) Red and white double.

PINK GOON (Hobson 1982) Large red and pink double flowers.2ft.

PINKMOST (Lockerbie.c1970) Double.Pink/pale pink.

PINK PEARL (Bright 1919) Semi-double.Pink flowers.18".

PINTO de BLUE (Antonelli 1995) Large double with white and deep blue flowers.1ft.

PIXIE (Russell 1960) Single.Cerise/lilac veined carmine.Yellowish foliage.3ft.

PLUMB BOB (Goulding 1992) Pink/red double. 1ft.

PRESIDENT (Standish 1843) Red and purple single.

PRESIDENT ELLIOT (Thorne 1962) Single. Carmine and red-purple. 3ft.

PRESIDENT GEORGE BARTLETT  (Bielby/Oxtoby 1997) Small double flowers, multiple in each leaf axil and bushy. Typical aubergine colouring.1ft.

PRESIDENT LEO BOULLEMIER (Burns 1983) Single.White/magenta-blue.18".

PRIDE OF WINDSOR (Holmes 2003) Red/reddish purple single. Bushy. 1ft.

PRINCE OF ORANGE (Henderson 1850) Single. Light pink/orange-salmon.2ft.

PRODIGY (Lemoine 1887) Semi-double. Red and blue-purple flowers. 3ft.

PROSPERITY (Gadsby 1970) Double.Crimson/neyron-rose. Early. 3ft.

PUMILA (Young 1821) Tiny profuse single.Crimson and purple flowers.18".

PURPLE ANN (Roe 1977) Small flowered red and purple double. 18".

QUEEN MARY (Howlett 1911) Single.Pink tube and sepals.Corolla rose.2ft.

RANDY ANDY Red and purple single.

 RAVENSLAW (Donald 1986) Rich red single flowers.2ft.

READING SHOW (Wilson 1967) Medium red and purple double.

REMEMBER ERIC (Johns 2002) Single. Short tube white. Sepals pale pink tipped green. Square corolla is pink with deeper edge. Flowers well all summer. About 2ft.

REMEMBRANCE sport from Edith with pink petals.4ft.

RICCARTONII (Young 1830) Single.Waxy red/purple.Can get more than 4ft.

ROLT'S RUBY (Rolt 1994) Double. Dark red-purple self.1ft.

ROSEA (Possible natural hybrid of F.lycioides and F.magellanica) Tube and reflexed sepals red. Corolla rosy-purple. Very vigorous.

ROSE OF CASTILE (Banks 1859) White and purple single.2ft.

ROSE OF CASTILE IMPROVED (Rowson 1886) Single.Pale pink/purple.2ft.

ROSE OF DENMARK (Banks 1864) Pale pink/rose pink single. 18".

ROYAL PURPLE (Lemoine 1896) Large flowered red and purple single. 2ft.

RUFUS (Nelson 1952) Large single.Turkey red self.Vigorous.3ft.

SAMUEL DICKERSON (Storey 2008) Red and dark aubergine single flowers. 3ft.

SANGUINEA (Smith 1840) Similar to Corallina.

SANRINA (Kempink 1988) Medium flowered aubergine single. 18”.

SANTA CRUZ (Tiret 1947) Semi-double.Deep crimson self.3ft.

SCARCITY (Lye 1869) Cerise and purple single.

SCHILLER (Banks 1860) Large single. White tube and sepals. Corolla purple. 3ft.

SCHNEEBALL (Twrdy 1874) Deep pink and white double. 18”.

SCHNEEWITTCHEN (Klein 1878) Red and white single. Bushy. 1ft.

SCHNEEWITTCHER (Hoech 1894) Single.Red/violet-blue.Opens flat.2ft.

SEAFORTH (Need 1964) Single. Pink/Lilac-pink. 3ft.

SEALAND PRINCE (Walker-Bees 1967) Single.Light red/violet.3ft.

SHARON CAUNT (Caunt 1987) Double. Rose-madder/white.18".

SHARPITOR (National Trust 1974) Single.White/pink.Cream and green leaves.1ft.

SHIRLEY HALLADAY (Bielby/Oxtoby 1995) Double. White flushed beetroot/dark beetroot. 18”. Spreading.

SHRIMP COCKTAIL () Large single. Red and lilac flowers with a pink streak. 2ft.

SILVERDALE (Travis 1962) Single.White/pink.3ft.

SIMON J. ROWELL (Rowell 1991) Red/rose single. 2ft.

SNOWCAP (Henderson 1880) Semi-double.Red/white veined red.1ft..Ex.MSt.

SON OF THUMB (Gubler 1978) Single.Tube and sepals cerise.Corolla lilac.18".

SOURCE de LOIRET Tube and upswept sepals red. Corolla deep red. 2ft.

 STRAWBERRY DELIGHT (Gadsby 1969) Double. Tube and sepals crimson. Corolla white with rose sub petals. Young foliage yellowish and bronze. 18”.

SUSAN TRAVIS (Travis 1958) Pink and rose-pink single.Spreading growth.1ft.

SWINGTIME (Tiret 1950) Double. Red/white. 2ft.

TENNESSEE WALTZ (Walker/Jones 1951) Double.Upturned sepals rose-madder.Corolla lilac-lavender splashed rose.2ft.

THAMAR (Springer 1987) White flushed pink/ violet with large white base.15".

THE TARNS (Travis 1962) Single.Pale pink tube and sepals.Corolla violet-blue.1ft.

THOMPSONII (Thompson 1840) Scarlet and purple small single flowers.3ft.

THORNLEYS HARDY (Thornley 1970)White and red single. Spreading growth.9".

TOLLING BELL (turner 1964) Red/white bell shaped single. 18”.

TOM THUMB (Baudinat 1850) Single.Tube and sepals carmine.Corolla mauve.Free flowering and bushy.1ft.

TOM WEST (Meillez 1853) Red and purple single. White and green leaves flushed red. Spreading 1ft.

TRANSPORT COMMAND (Chatters 2000) Red/lilac single. 2ft.

TRASE (Dawson 1959) Semi-double.Tube and sepals carmine.Corolla white veined and flushed carmine.Up to 2ft.

TRICOLORII (Potney) Small red and purple flowers.Foliage cream and green with a pink flush.1ft.

TRUDY (Gadsby 1969) Single.Tube and sepals pale pink.Corolla cyclamen-pink.2ft.

TWIST OF FATE (Rolt 1996) Semi double to double.Short tube and fully curled and slightly twisted sepals deep pink.Petals purple shading to pink at base.2ft. 

TWO TIERS (Porter 1985) Double.Tube and sepals pale pink. Corolla pale beetroot.Vigorous spreading growth. 18".

UNCLE CHARLEY (Tiret 1949) Red/lavender single.2ft.

UPWARD LOOK (Gadsby 1968) Carmine/light purple erect single flower. 9".

VALERIE ANN (Hatt 1963) Double. White flushed pink/white.1ft.

VARIEGATED PIXIE As Pixie with a yellow and green leaf. 1ft.

VENUS VICTRIX (Gulliver 1840) Small single. White/violet. Slow grower.

VESUVIO (Strumper 19910 Single. Light red/red. Compact and bushy. 9”.

VIVIEN COLVILLE ( Colville 1980) Single. Pink/orange. 1ft.

VOLTAIRE (Lemoine 1897) Red and magenta single. 3ft.

WALZ FREULE (Waldenmaier 1985) Single.Pale pink/lilac-purple.About 18".

WAVENEY GEM (Burns 1985) Single. White/pink with mauve flush. Very bushy. Ex. Lax. 15".

WENDY LEEDHAM (Bielby 1984) Small red/white double. 1ft.

WESSEX HARDY (Luther 1986) Red/purple single. 4ft.

WHITE JOY (Burns 1980) flushed pink tube and sepals. Corolla white. 18".

WHITEKNIGHTS AMETHYST (Wright 1980) Similar to Lechlade Magician.4ft.

WHITEKNIGHTS GREEN GLISTER (Wright 1980) Single.Red and rosy purple flowers.4ft.

WHITEKNIGHTS PEARL (Wright 1980) Single.Tube and sepals pale pink.Corolla pink.Very vigorous and floriferous.4ft.

WHITE PIXIE (Merrist Wood 1968) Sport from Pixie with white petals.3ft.

WIEBKE BECKER (Strumper 1987) Pink/white single. 1ft.

WILLIAM CAUNT (Caunt 1984) White/red single. 9".

YOUTH (Travis 1958) White/lavender single.3ft.

YVONNE (Parkes 2008) Large double. Red and aubergine. 1ft.


More hardy fuchsias can be found in the species section of this catalogue.


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