Kathleen Muncaster Fuchsias

18,Field lane,Morton,Gainsborough,DN21 3BY
Tel 01427 612329

The nursery is open daily 10am to 5pm except Wednesday from February. After mid June we may attend shows and it would be advisable to check before making any long journey.

Coach trips are welcome by appointment.

The more common cultivars are available as rooted cuttings in plugs at 60p. Later plants have been potted on into 7sq.cm. pots and cost £1.00p. New introductions, species cost £1.20p in 8cm. pots but some rarer or more difficult ones will be more expensive.. Larger plants are available in 10cm., 15cm., 6" and 8" hanging pots and some even larger pots. Prices for these range from £2.00 to £7.50.A few standards are usually sold at about £10.00 each.


We no longer send plants by post.

If you have any problems with or any query about fuchsias or their cultivation please ask.

We will do our best to answer.

Email: jim@smuncaster.freeserve.co.uk

About us.

We have been involved with growing fuchsias for over 30 years as a nursery for many of them. We moved here in 1978 and have slowly increased the area of greenhouses and display. Since Jim took early retirement in 1989 we have both worked at growing fuchsias providing it did not interfere with prime fishing time for Jim, ( which it usually does), and allowed Kath to have some light relief helping at the local Save the Chidren shop.

We can give talks about fuchsias, their cultivation and problems providing the venue is within an hours drive. Longer journeys we must refuse as they cause problems with livestock and arthritis.

The nursery has an extensive garden displaying hardy fuchsias and gazon en rouleau. Flowers on the stock plants and our collection of fuchsia species can also be seen, though the number of flowers on these plants can be variable. Comments are encouraged about the cultivars to be introduced the following year.

How to find us

The nursery is at Morton on the North side of Gainsborough. On a road map look for the minor road going to Walkerith, roughly parallel with the A159 to Scunthorpe.

Field Lane is on the left of this minor road about 400 yards past the primary school.


NCCPG (National Council for the Preservation of Plants and Gardens)

We are very pleased that our collection of hardy fuchsias, most of which are planted out, has been accorded full status as a National Collection â. As well as testing cultivars for hardiness we are looking to extend our collection of known hardy fuchsias. We would also be interested to hear of any cultivars that have survived several winters in the garden, preferably in not too sheltered a spot.

If you enjoy your garden and love finding out about plants why not join your local branch of the NCCPG.

The cost is only £25.00 per year or £34.00 for a couple and this includes national membership. Leaflets about the aims and ideals of the NCCPG are available at our nursery or more details can be obtained from the Lincolnshire Branch secretary -

Mrs. Shirley Palmer
The Homestead
Nottingham, NG13 0EP
Tel.01949 842745

NCCPG meetings in Lincolnshire

Plant Fair at Aubourn Hall near Lincoln will be held on 22nd April 2007. When a few more local members show interest a programme of speakers will be arranged by the committee.

Link to NCCPG web page


The Special Interest Group consists of members of the British Fuchsia Society who are interested in Historical fuchsias, Fuchsia species and/or hybridising. They meet at the village hall Lilbourne near Rugby usually three times a year. Anybody with one or more of these interests will be welcome. Usually informal talks or discussions form the programme. Dates for 2006 are 9 April, 2 July, 24 September. Details can be obtained from the secretary Mrs.Gwen Rolt at davidjr@Freeuk.com

Local tourism

A few links to other nurseries in Lincolnshire and some pictures of the surrounding countryside and places of interest to visitors.

Gainsborough and its environs. Market days in Gainsborough are Tuesday and Saturday. In addition there is a farmers market on the second Tuesday of each month..

The medieval Old Hall is open from Easter and is well worth a visit.

A large part of Laughton Forest is now open to the public and a couple of hours can be pleasurably spent wandering around particularly in the Autumn when the leaf colouring is spectacular. There is also a unique area of North Lincolnshire sand dunes on the edge of the forest. On the road to Laughton there is the Owlet plantation an area of wood managed by the Woodland Trust with a fascinating number of different trees and environment.

Blyton.jpg The side roads around the towns in Lincolnshire often show better views than from the main road. The picture shows the village of Blyton seen from the minor road between Blyton and Laughton.

Fuchsia Berries a selection of items about Fuchsias that may be of interest.

While you are at Kew look in the Temperate House. There are two examples of F.microphylla ssp aprica. They are different and one looks like nothing we have seen before.

In a copy of H.A.Browns catalogue c1949 he states that he called a plant Query because he did not recognise it. As it appears identical to Chillerton Beauty perhaps we should forget about Query.

Our top ten hardy fuchsias in 2005. Winter in 2004\2005 was not terribly cold. Summer was hot and dry in June and July and the fuchsias suffered.

George Barr Much better in the garden than in a pot. Was never out of lower.

Remember Eric Still consistent whatever the weather.

F.hatschbachii grows as a pillar beside our porch and is stunning also in the garden as a bush.

Thilco Covered with flowers all summer.

Lye’s Unique / Kolding Perle. Were late coming through but made up for it.

John E. Caunt Really shrugged off the heat.

Prosperity Early as usual but carried on in the heat which surprised us.

Empress of Prussia / Monsieur Thibault Were moved in April but flowered better than ever.

Eva Boerg Spreads a bit but showed lots of colour.

Nicis Findling Still on trial but has stood out for four years now.

New introductions

Carole Hipkin (Chatters) Short t ube pink. Sepals white maturing to pink. Corolla blur-purple maturing to rose. Floriferous and long flowering. Good for basket or hanging pot.

Emmakins (Broughton) Small double. Pink tube. Sepals white with reflexed green tips. Soft pink petals. Branches well on pinching making a lot of flower. Nice in a basket.

Lincoln Castle (Reynolds) Issued at the Northeast Counties Fuchsia Group display at Lincoln Castle in September 2006. Semi erect flowers. White tube and sepals tipped green. Corolla opens purple maturing to rose. Will make a nice plant for showing or just for pleasure.

Marilyn Jane (Wilkinson) Smallish single flowers. White tube and sepals flushed pink and tipped green. Perfect corolla is pink-lilac. Responds well to pinching and has many flowers over a long period. Horizontal growth is probably best in a hanging pot but will make a bush. Good for showin